About Me

I am convinced that everybody sees the world differently, and I think that photography allows us to transmit our view with the rest, that is what makes photography so beautiful to me. You can express yourself, there are no restrictions, no limits. 

I am an artist based in Frankfurt who works mainly with edited photography, I like to create a bit of fantasy in our reality. I started to love photography during my advertising studies in Quito, Ecuador, where I got my first analog camera. 

I have been experimenting for 10 years with all types of photography such as landscapes, portraits, architecture, and others. All of these experiences have always brought me back to the artistic and creative world that I always loved and was blessed to enter when I was 19 years old when I started painting oil canvases. 

With my artwork, I invite the observers to join my emotional journey and challenge them to draw their conclusion. 

Enthusiastic about social projects, e.g. supported “Bike4Charity” in favor of children with kidney disease, and partner of ADRA documenting community work in the Andes. 

One of my favorites modern artists is Brooke Shaden not only because her art is inspirational but because she is always herself, authentic, and positive.




Solo Exhibitions
Solo Exhibition in Frankfurt "Color Spectrum"

(Presence Kulturlounge) 

Shared Exhibitions 

"I- The World Revolves Me" Milano-Fuerteventura 

(M.A.D.S Art Gallery)

International contemporary art fair in Brussels-Belgium 
Shared Exhibition in Zürich-Switzerland

Shared Exhibition in Quito-Ecuador

(Alliance Francaise)